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Happy Heels Kit (Blue and Pink)

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Color — Blue

Wake up to smoother and baby-soft heels with the Posh Nails Happy Heels Kit! This pampering kit Includes:

  • Happy Heels Moisturizing Heel Balm with natural shea butter extract to soften skin
  • Hug My Heels Spa Socks that serve as mini pillows for tired feet. Made with lightweight and hypoallergenic material and hydrating gel cups infused with rose essential oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E for extra hydration boost

How to use:

Apply the heel balm generously on your heels with extra glides on dry areas then slip on the socks to lock in all that goodness. Leave them on overnight for softer, smoother and happier heels.

Care instructions for Hug My Heels Spa Socks:

Handwash only using gentle soap. Hang to dry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.