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The Minis Good To Go Set

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Good to Go Set

The ultimate set for Posh girls who love painted nails – and aren’t afraid to be adventurous! Good to Go features our brand-new nail polish line and tools to help you get perfect manicures even on the go.

In this set: 

Silicone zip pouch

Next Please - acetone-free polish remover with a cotton candy-like scent.

Ingredients: ethyl lactate, isopropyl myristate, isopropyl alcohol, sweet almond oil, fragrance

Touch Up Brush - an angled brush used for precision cleaning or removing excess nail polish easily; just dip it in the nail polish remover for easy clean up.

(6) Complete set of All Grown Up nail polish collection in 100ml bottles

Posh Girl Vibes (Hot Pink) Sashay your way to a good day in this punchy coral shade.  

It’s Aesthetic (Light Violet) A muted shade with subtle hints of lilac and powder blue that matches your go-to denim looks. 

It Sparks Joy (Glitter) A multicolor glitter polish with a clear base. Use it as an accent or go all out – it’s a party either way! 

Still Got It (Off white) Basic done the Posh way. Here’s an off-white shade to make your neutral ensemble on point.  

Ok, But Make It Cute (Baby Pink) Turn up your charm with a pop of pink and channel your fave heroine.

She’s The Moment (Orange) Got the spotlight on you? Not to worry! Own it in this vibrant tangerine.